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His Dark Materials


The BBC adaptation of Philip Pullman’s extraordinary trilogy packs one hell of a theme tune. It has long been a view held amongst my friends that in order to compete against the HBOs, Netflixes, and Amazon Primes of the world, the BBC need to start upping their game dramatically. Whether...

Replying to spam


I don’t quite know where all the spam I get comes from. Most of it is the usual phallic enhancement stuff that goes straight into the junk folder without my even having to think about it, but occasionally, you get an absolute pearler that slips the net and comes through...

Final Thoughts


The daily writing challenge for this month was particularly difficult. I found myself creatively drained and unable to write anything that even I was interested in by around the halfway point. I have watched my word counts dwindle from around the high 800’s down into the 300’s and lower. I...

Penultimate non-entry


The challenge is almost over, and I’m not too sorry. It’s been hard keeping up the creative energy to write, and I find myself putting it off later and later into the day. I enjoy writing, but lockdown has meant that there are fewer things going on for me to...

Were I a rich man


I enjoy my cooking But were I a rich man I would pay a fellow To buy my food Cook, and serve it