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Gathered in the same place for the first time, my various long-form musings on the world…

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Final Thoughts


The daily writing challenge for this month was particularly difficult. I found myself creatively drained and unable to write anything that even I was interested in by around the halfway point. I have watched my word counts dwindle from around the high 800’s down into the 300’s and lower. I...

Penultimate non-entry


The challenge is almost over, and I’m not too sorry. It’s been hard keeping up the creative energy to write, and I find myself putting it off later and later into the day. I enjoy writing, but lockdown has meant that there are fewer things going on for me to...

Were I a rich man


I enjoy my cooking But were I a rich man I would pay a fellow To buy my food Cook, and serve it

In My Dressing Gown


The sky is clear except for some soft grey clouds beyond the hill



As I write the house is filling with the smells of cooking meat, yams, sprouts, gravy, and pumpkin pie. For today is Thanksgiving, an American holiday that I have celebrated for most of the last 10 years, thanks to having an American taking refuge amongst my group of friends. It’s...